Development of the Irrigation System Sivac Jug

We are delighted to announce the completion of another project, marking another milestone in our long-lasting collaboration with Xella Group. We take great pride in our continued partnership, which has stood the test of time and exemplifies our commitment to excellence in the construction industry.


The system being built consists of a pumping station with a water intake. The pumping station has four pumps with a total capacity of 3,600 m³/h and is connected to the intake via two DN800 inlet pipes. An independent electrical facility will house a 1,250 kVA transformer and associated low-voltage and high-voltage equipment. A new 20 kV cable connection will be established to connect the facility to the power distribution system.

To supply water to the irrigation machines, 27 km of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines with a diameter of Φ90 Φ630 are planned. The pipelines include three for linear irrigation and three for Centre Pivots. Twelve irrigation canals, spanning a total length of 12.85 km, will receive water from the pumping station through low-pressure pipelines, with each canal equipped with concrete settling structures.

The irrigation equipment includes 20 devices for rotational movement (Centre pivots) and 13 wide-span devices with linear movement (Linears). These devices will cover a total irrigated area of 1,191 hectares.


We will participate in the project as the contractor for electroengineering and automation. We will take care of the following: