We are leveraging our cutting-edge panel assembly plant to achieve engineering excellence. Our engineers create a detailed design of panels and switchboards in the newest CAD software. The software output is a Digital twin that provides automated production, thus securing high-quality products, reducing human-prone error, and maximizing output with complete traceability of components.

We offer a diverse range of solutions tailored to your specific needs:


Our solutions include the design, assembly, installation, and commissioning of medium voltage projects from 10kV up to 35 kV and low voltage cubicles up to 3500 A.

Delivery, mounting and start-up of power transformers, from 100-2500 kVA up to 35 kV voltage level. Besides transformers, we offer delivery and mounting of completely equipped prefabricated concrete substations.


Based on project specifications or Client requirements, we design, build, install, and commission MCCs that can be controlled locally, through touch panels, and remotely through the SCADA system.

We have carried out hundreds of projects from installations of a few kW up to installations of 20 MW of installed power.

Besides MCC cabinets, we build all types of local panels both for indoor and outdoor mounting.


We are specialized in building Automation Cubicles from a few up to 20.000 I/O signals. Besides PLC cabinets, we build all types of rack panels for the installation of UPS, servers, CCTV, and rack computers.


At the special request from the client, the electrical equipment can be delivered in prefabricated metal containers for outdoor mounting. There are several advantages to E-house compared to the traditional “E-rooms”:

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